Best Day Ever!

Admittedly I skipped out on Day 2 of Gnomedex knowing I would be able to catch up on what I missed later and opted for some family time. Inspired by the beautiful weather, we spent some time bumming around Seattle, resulting in what was definitely a “Best Day Ever”. It’s nice to get away from the tech side of life sometimes.

More pictures here.

9:30am – Walking down at Alki Beach.

Easy Does It

11:00am – Shopping at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market Sign

12:30pm – Lunch at XXX Root Beer Stand (Last in America)

Self Portrait by way of Thunderbird

1:00pm – Chainsawing Limbs from the Sycamore in our Neighbors Yard from a Tall Ladder (Too Scary for Pictures)

4:30pm – Finished Cleaning Up after Chainsawing Limbs from the Sycamore. Firewood is ready for winter.

5:30pm – 4th of July Big Bash at Jaron & Lauren’s House


9:30pm – Fireworks!

July 4th Fireworks