Tips & Tricks for Nikon D200?

I’ve recently upgraded to a Nikon D200 w/ an 18-200mm lens that took four weeks to arrive off backorder! So I’m running around taking “Happy Snaps” as my Aussie friends like to call them and just loving the quality of the camera. Any tips/techniques I should be aware of with this particular camera beyond the traditional “learn what ISO is”?

See some recent shots on my Flickr account.

What I really need to do is take another more advanced class. Or maybe just follow Thomas Hawk around for a few days in San Francisco. 😉

4 responses to “Tips & Tricks for Nikon D200?”

  1. ok…no more "speeches" about ISO,

  2. Hi, Sean. I’ve got the same setup, camera and lens. Snap. Snap. Snap. It looks like you’re getting better results than I am. I posted yesterday about the camera and lens on my personal blog-not the Jupiter work blogsite. (Please use Firefox, if you go my personal blog. There is some problem with the main CSS stylesheet and Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2. The Web designer said the CSS is flawless, and the site renders right in every other browser. Hopefully, IE 7 B3 will be better.)

    If you follow Thomas Hawk around, I’d love to come along. Damn, but he shoots Canon.

  3. Hey, anytime you want to go shooting and are in the Bay Area let me know. That would be a lot of fun and we could hit some pretty cool places to shoot.

  4. If you are into shooting RAW (if not, check it out!!) then you should get the trial of Nikon Capture NX which just came out this week. You can do a whole bunch of clever non-destructive editing with this including changing the exposure etc. The new version has a patented way of selecting regions of the image and applying effects just to those.. totally different to how photoshop does it. Also, check out Ken Rockwell’s D200 site for a whole bunch of cool tips: