Who is Remi Frazier? (Yawn)

Apparently this guy, “Remi Frazier” has a million dollar destiny (and a myspace account). He says he’s gone to NYC with $100 in his pocket and says he will return to Colorado in a month with a million dollars:

I’ve never been to New York. I don’t have a place to stay. I don’t have a network of people in the city; I haven’t set anything up in advance. I’ll be starting from scratch, building a business and a new social network from Friday, June 16 to Saturday, July 15th.

Interesting idea there Remi. Personally I’m getting a little tired of these hair-brained “missions” and the dolts that pay for them. Perhaps this is a PhD experiment gone awry but I expect it’s just another attempt to pilfer a million dollars from unsuspecting folks looking for a cheap (Internet) thrill. Here’s an idea, give that $3 you were about to send Remi to a local non-profit organization instead and watch something useful come from your local community.

Check with your employer- they often match donations too. There you go. $6 to a worthy cause instead of $3 wasted dollars to Remi. Perhaps some good can come from this after all.

5 responses to “Who is Remi Frazier? (Yawn)”

  1. To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
    –Elbert Hubbard
    That being said, Remi is in no way asking for a handout, let alone $3. This is a bonafide business plan with a well designed practical product that will be announced shortly. The only thing close to $3 you will pay is to go see the movie based on this project once it is over and he EARNS his million.

  2. It’s a silly idea. Look at the documents he has created — it’s obvious he never took a business 101 class. He’s out to prove "the American dream" isn’t dead. He’s trying to get rich quick and make a spectacle out of himself in the process.

    Remi’s not stupid but he is absolutely lacking in common sense or a grounding in reality. If he made a documentary that followed his learning about business and struggle to find VC, I might be interested. He’s just making a mockery of people that have actually tried hard to get a business off the ground.

  3. This just seems like a big game to get as much publicity for himself as he can. He doesn’t really know what the hell he is doing and he is making a total mockery of those that really try hard to start their own business. I guess this is what happens to a person that was brought up in a VERY sheltered household; No common sense and no grasp of the REAL WORLD!

  4. I see on his site that this "product" of his is called the "Man Tool"!?

    Oh man, with a name like that, this guy really is clueless. Although, I foresee the “Man Tool” apparel selling like hot cakes throughout the gay community!

  5. This isn’t a business story. Or even a rags-to-riches story. This, my friends, is a PR story. Remi is a brilliant PR strategist, and my guess is that his cool $1 million lies in this type of guerilla bootstrap PR consulting, and not in selling the Mantool. But you know what? I’m willing to bet the Mantool thing takes off as well! Forward movement has amazing power. The naysayers can all go roast marshmallows. Go, Remi, go!

    — David Newman
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