Debating the move to Community Server

Larry Hryb, Mr. Major Nelson himself and I were chatting a few weeks back about his move to Community Server. I’m thinking of doing the same. I like DasBlog and it’s been good to me. Back when I moved to it, it was one of the few .Net based blog engines. It seems now though that most of the new development is coming out of CS by way of the fine folks at Telligent Systems. Now I just need a way to port my existing blog entries and help on the design- any suggestions are appreciated!

Update: Ryan Hoffman from fame contacted me and offered to work on a migration utility. Thanks Ryan!

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  1. Ryan Calafato Avatar
    Ryan Calafato

    Are you going to host the blog yourself or move to the CS running at or

  2. You should consider running subText;

    It’s all .Net and is an ative development project.

    Full disclosure;
    I have aided in the development (to an EXTREMELY limited extent) of subtext and am interested in seeing increased exposure of subtext on the Internet. I do not receive any compensation (except the BEER I was SUPPOSED to have received, ROBB!!!) for my involvement in the project.

    I hate that crap, but you never know…

  3. Check out BlogML ( I’m not sure if there’s export support for dasBlog, but there is import for CS. I’ve been working on some .Text to CS tools using code in the BlogML code space.

  4. Planning to host on my own server (where I am currently).

  5. Sean, we are running with CS. I gotta say, it’s about the best piece of SW I’ve installed (next to our own SightMax of course!). Check out our system at

    Contact Rob Howard and tell him I sent you (one of their sister companies owns SightMax).

  6. Sean,
    I think the best approach for you is BlogML. I’ve written BlogML converter for CS 2.0 and think there is a DasBlog writer. Even if it’s not written you can write it easily (writing a Writer is absolutely easier than Reader).

  7. Has anyone done a competitive shootout of BlogML and CS? Seems to me that CS has a larger community and energetic development around it.

  8. Any reason you’re moving away from dasBlog? The next version will be all new, all WinFx/Indigo…don’t move away because of a perception that DasBlog isn’t actively worked on….