The WSJ has an interesting article on a small outfit called MusicGremlin whose portable music player goes on the market today. What makes MG unique? Wireless. You can wirelessly download music from the service or even share tracks (legally) between friends and other subscribers. It’s a really interesting idea and Uncle Walt and Kathy seem to agree.

The device is a bit chunky (or is that clunky?), the service lacks the desirability of others (i.e. letting people browse before creating a registration) but it’s an interesting concept to what I’d call, “Super-enthused music lovers who have a wireless connection and want to share with friends and can’t wait until they get home to download music oh but they still need a wire to charge their device” kind of people. Wireless should support the core experience, not BE the core experience IMO. Laboriously typing in characters to search? No thanks. Back in the day it was a pain typing in three letters for my high score in Pac Man using a joystick, I’m sure not going to make this my primary way of searching for music.

But… it supports PlaysforSure so Urge should work with this, so thats a plus… when connected to a PC.

Update: Michael Gartenberg weighs in on the concept himself here. David Card seems to agree with him that Uncle Walt has been seduced.