iRiver Clix now showing up at Best Buy

Here’s the link. They started shipping to stores over a week ago as well- call your local store or pop your zipcode in online but chances are if you’re looking for a last minute father’s day present, this could be it.

Speaking of which, today my VP stopped by my office to note all the VPs that have Clix devices now. The funny thing is, they’re getting one passed around by another VP at a meeting. Then they’re buying them for themselves. They’re showing them to family and then have to buy them for their family. I know of at least 50 units that have been sold.

Why? Because it just works. Just like the iPod, it works as advertised. But this one works with services where you can download all you can eat for a flat rate per month. iRiver has done the due diligence and the hard work on the QA side to make sure the issues were addressed. While I may have helped by leading the Microsoft team that worked on this project and was the Microsoft UX guy on the end to end, iRiver’s engineers are what makes this thing shine. It was the best project I’ve ever worked on- hands down.

DAPreview was skeptical of the other big reviews too. They said:

After using the player these past weeks I have to say it is one of the best players I’ve ever used, and right now is the best flash player out. When I first saw it, and read how high it was being rated by other reviews [read: CNET] I couldn’t believe it. I still just saw it as a 2GB U10. The first few moments of using the player changed all that. The player has more features than others in its range and for just about the same price.

So there you have it. One C|Net Editor’s Choice, one Top 100 of the Year by PC World, and now DAPreview, perhaps one of the most intense reviews gives it the thumbs up. Now you can go to BBY and try one out yourself.

Update: Go demo at BBY, it’s coming soon online but their price is too high at $229. You can get it for cheaper ($195.00) at

Update2: I hear rebates should be available soon at BBY. Please let me know if you see them.

5 responses to “iRiver Clix now showing up at Best Buy”

  1. I want one, but I want to see and feel it first. I was at Compusa yesterday looking for one, but now it looks like I need to go to BestBuy tomorrow. Thanks!

  2. The Best Buy link clearly shows $199, while I’ve seen the tag (just not the device itself) in two local stores with a price of $229. I’d say your best bet is still to buy it direct from using one of several $30 coupons they offer.

  3. Sean, this looks great but does it support WMV and DVR-MS? I would assume so since it says ‘Plays for Sure’ but I cannot tell from the reviews. Why is it so hard to figure out? Thanks.

  4. Unfortunately the chipset only supports MPEG-4SP but there is a very good utility called iriverter that is referenced in the quick start and supports DVR-MS. 😉

  5. Any idea if any US retailers will ship this device to the UK? Thanks.