New WMP11 Ads have the Mojo and Contest

Last week an ad popped up on


The buzz internally was palpable. “Coolest MS ad ever!” claimed one person. Others have asked for more of this kind of thing. I would love to see it the inspiration for a new wallpaper (which is being discussed).

So, that got me thinking; I’m going to offer up a brand spankin new 2GB iRiver Clix to the person that creates the coolest WMP11 (XP), iRiver Clix, or WMP11 (Vista) inspired wallpaper. Post your link in the comments in order to be eligible. In 30 days, the best one wins. Tell your friends πŸ™‚

7 Replies to “New WMP11 Ads have the Mojo and Contest”

  1. Tom Starbuck says:

    Quick, cheap, and easy. But it amused me.

  2. Long Zheng says:

    Here’s two from me:

  3. Andrew Moore says:

    Maybe not the most ‘artsy’ one, but here’s mine

  4. Sean says:

    Some really nice ones coming in- keep em coming πŸ™‚

  5. Austin says:

    Here’s mine:


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