We need more customers like Chris.

Chris Pirillo recently wrote an interesting writeup of feedback on Vista Beta 2. In what could be described as a mashup of bug report and user-experience feedback, he captures the essence of what a super-users and influentials see when they use Beta 2 (note: most users of any beta 2 fall into one of these categories by definition). While I’m sure certain folks would have preferred a different, more private approach (PR <cough>), this type of feedback is fantastic whether I agree with it all or not. It’s structured. It’s digestable. It comes from a credible source. Bugs can be filed against it. We need more of it.

Microsoft has MANY ways of collecting feedback and usability reports. During the course of Vista, entire teams dedicated to this practice have been doing an excellent job of rolling the feedback up to management as well as the rest of the Vista org for shared learnings. It’s refreshing to see. Vista is not perfect, but the team is actively taking notice of feedback and more importantly taking action.

Yes Chris, I see you as a passionate user. Thank you for taking the time and sharing.

3 responses to “We need more customers like Chris.”

  1. I read some of Chris’s comments. I am using IE 7 beta and have tried leaving feedback for it with no luck. What are the ways we can submit feedback for Vista?

  2. Yeah. The IE7 beta is very silly funny. On IE blog posts with bug complaints are deleted, especially posts like the writeup by Chris. Feedback system, moderation and overall management of the IE7 beta is the worst. Unlike Office 2007 and Vista beta.

  3. I’m not on the IE team so I can’t really vouch for their feedback mechanisms but I know they have a very hard time separating out signal from noise. I asked Tony Chor for the best way to submit feedback and the team responded suggesting this post:

    Hope that helps!