Windows Sidebar Gallery Beta goes live

I’ve been playing with a few of the gadgets showing up on the Windows Sidebar gallery at It’s a beta gallery and the SDK just went live but already I’m more productive with the Traffic Map showing flow on the main highways around Seattle. I just wish there was more detail and an RSS feed available for new gadgets. Great, now I really need to upgrade to a widescreen monitor at home. Father’s day is coming up…

You know what would make a killer gadget? Flickr Uploadr. I’ve been using the Uploadr to add pictures from my Windows Photo Gallery to Flickr this AM (sorry, they’re pics for family). But, Uploadr still works great with Vista.

Email from my Dad – he’s loving Urge’s collection of Rolling Stones and Benny Goodman hard to find tracks. Mom, who I would consider a non-enthused computer user (they mostly frustrate her), just had jaw surgery and I suggested Urge as a diversion. She says she, “can’t stop!”. Now she wants an iriver clix.