Urge Playlist for a rainy sunday

For those here in Seattle area, the weather has been complete s*%# for the past week. My son, (recovered from his cold) was inconsolable yesterday due to being cooped up. So I suggested going outside and splashing in some puddles which was exactly what the Dr. ordered. The kid is just tired of being cooped up. I don’t blame him.

As for me, here’s my Urge playlist for a rainy Sunday:

Chill and Serve: Pop

  • Here with Me – Dido
  • Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap
  • Sail Away – David Gray
  • Lazy Lover – Brazilian Girls
  • Protection – Massive Attack
  • Finally Woken – Jem
  • Trouble Sleeping – The Perishers
  • Breathe (2AM) – Anna Nalick
  • Concrete Sky – Beth Orton
  • Home – Zero 7
  • Breathe Me – Sia
  • Angels – Wax Poetic
  • The Sea – Morcheeba

Mental note: Talk to Player team about copy/paste support from library to links in Urge ;). Send email to a friend does one link per email. Add playlist to MSN Spaces isn’t working. Grr.

3 responses to “Urge Playlist for a rainy sunday”

  1. Patrick McKeown Avatar
    Patrick McKeown

    I see you use Urge as well. I just installed Vista B2 and now when I try to sign into Urge it says my DRM is corrupt? Any thoughts?


  2. Is it a clean install of Beta 2? If it isn’t Beta 2, it may not work. I would contact Urge technical support to start.

  3. There is some problem in signing up for Urge….may be its my system error. I’ll try it out again.