Video: iriver clix, WMP11, Urge, and Vista

By popular request, I created a video walkthrough of the out of box experience with the iriver clix and syncing Urge playlists using WMP11/Windows Vista. Sorry for the fumbling, I was straddling a full-sized tripod to do this :).

The iriver clix should be arriving shortly in major retailers including Best Buy- until then, it can be ordered online at

Created the video using Windows Movie Maker in Windows Vista and a Sony HDV Camcorder. Dogfooding Vista Beta 2 E2E.
Apologies in advance for the “one take” lack of polish- but it’s the product that matters.

Update: Another good video demo here:

5 responses to “Video: iriver clix, WMP11, Urge, and Vista”

  1. Cool Stuff. Any news on Vista release yet?

  2. Horn- Vista release is still on schedule AFAIK. Lots of focus being placed on feedback from Beta 2 which was released at WinHEC last week.

  3. is the Downloadable version still uploading? ;^) All I can currently get is a playlist.

  4. Thought I’d let you know that I’m an "early adopter" of the clix based solely on your posts and video demo of the unboxing (and have you seen, btw? Totally hilarious)! OK, I admit my S.O. calling me from her family’s Memorial weekend vacation to tell me that my old Cowon iAudio flash player had crapped out on her *may* have had something to do with the timing, but still.


  5. I second what DLF said. Currently I’m a Mac/iPod user (though a Windows guy by trade). I’ve become really interested in what I’m seeing with Vista/WMP11/URGE. I’m sure I’m going to jump at this "rumored" iPod killer that MS is supposedly working on but, until then, I wanted something nice and elegant to try URGE out on.

    I’ll be running out shortly to pick one up thanks to the video review I just saw so that I can try out the URGE service. Thanks so much!