WMP11 showcase devices unseat iPod from C|Net Must Haves List

C|Net’s Top 10 Must Haves List: “You may be shocked not to find an iPod on the list below. Well, here comes some more shocking news. The iRiver Clix, thanks to its excellent compatibility with the revamped Windows Media Player 11 and MTV Urge music service, joins the party this week. Yup: no iPod, no iTunes…and no doubt about it.”

As a part of our end to end evaluations, my team selected the only two music devices listed – the iRiver Clix and Creative Zen Vision:M, as the best “showcase” devices for each category- Flash and HDD. This was a nice validation.

I am a little annoyed at how bad the screenshots are of the Clix device. I may have to put together a short video of the device. Static screenshots don’t do it justice.

One response to “WMP11 showcase devices unseat iPod from C|Net Must Haves List”

  1. Okay, the Clix I understand; it rocks! But Creative continues to forge ahead with clunky interfaces. Why *any* of their portable devices are on someone’s must have list is beyond me.