All Urge+Vista

This weekend, I upgraded all of my PCs to Windows Vista (more on that later). As a part of the experience, I’ve gone completely Urge – set aside my ~20,000 track library and am only listening to Urge music for a week. So far, so good.

Saturday AM – Gym time!
Friday I discovered Urge has added new pump-up Playlists for the Gym for each genre under the category “Work It Out: [Genre]”. They have Rock, Alt, Pop, Electronica, Inspirational, even Classical. These are great cheat lists for building your own ultimate Gym mix. I downloaded them all to my Clix (now equipped with the optional armband) and was ready to hit the gym. Then I realized I forgot my headphones and boy, was I pissed! Still, it made for great compilations.
Suggestion to Urge: Let the community rate your playlists and submit our own.

Saturday PM – BBQing
This was guys weekend – Nickie was out at a cabin with her mom’s club friends and that meant Ryan and I were open to do a “Red Meat, Red Wine” kind of night with a few of the local guys in the neighborhood. Any time you open a bottle wine hand-carried from Australia called, “The Factor” from Torbreck, you know it’s going to be a good night. We eased into it listening to Urge’s “Reunion” Radio. All classic rock like K-ROCK used to play in NYC growing up. Here’s the hack not quite worthy of Philip Torrone. I patched the Vista PC into the Aux In on a Sonos receiver and set up a party zone- instant sync’d music in the living room, family room, and patio (courtesy my 2-zone receiver) and we were jammin. Later I broke out the guitar and Stephen played some U2 and Jimmy Buffett. A nice way to cap off the weekend.

I thought going all Urge would be hard, but the more I download, the easier it gets.

3 responses to “All Urge+Vista”

  1. Hi Sean,

    Longtime lurker here. Last week I downloaded URGE + WMP 11 and was so taken with the combo I purchased a clix that same day! I’m a frequent traveler…so I ended up buying the accessories package as well, including the sweet lil portable dock/speaker set which is now my new alarm clock when I’m traveling!

    My URGE trial is up tonight — I’m a definite subscriber for a long time to come. Great job on finally nailing the combo of portable player + software + service! It has been a long time in coming, and I have a lot of music downloading to do to catch up! = ]

    I’m showing everyone I know the clix…it was a hit at a party last Saturday night where it got passed around with everyone oohing and ahhing over it. 🙂 (had my m200 w/ me as well so was able to show off Urge the next morning to those who were still there :P)

    Cheers and best of luck on everything,


  2. Thanks Paul- so glad to hear you’re enjoying it! I’m putting the finishing touches on a video to help demo it for others.

  3. They ahven’t quite nailed it for me, as I have never succeeded in getting URGE to work. WMP11 shows a blank, white middle.