Get your Windows Media Player 11 Beta & Urge trial today

Player ButtonIn the words of a good friend, “It’s on like Donkey Kong”. Go download WMP11 Beta and if you dare to enjoy hours of musical enjoyment, sign up for your free two week trial of Urge. And this isn’t just for those kids young enough to still watch MTV. I’ve found some killer classic rock playlists – Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, and Pink Floyd to name a few. Let me know your questions here and I’ll try and do my best to get them answered. Tell me what you like/don’t like and I’ll share it with the team. Oh, and iRiver has the Clix available for immediate shipping at for a cool $199. Father’s Day is coming up!

Urge Tip: A little known feature of Urge is 700kbps streaming music videos for a huge swath of the library – look for the little film icon to the left of songs to see if a video is available.

14 responses to “Get your Windows Media Player 11 Beta & Urge trial today”

  1. First off, I understand this is a beta. However, I believe there are two areas that need improvement for the final release of WMP11 and URGE: performance and content.

    The Good:
    – Navigation tabs across the top…simple with access to menus.
    – Bottom control bar. Clean, pretty, and easy to click (not too small).
    – Subscription model.
    – Annual subscription instead of just monthly.

    The Bad:
    1) Shaded out download option for full albums
    – Red Hot Chili Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magik
    – Linkin Park: Reanimation
    – Jay-Z: Collision Course
    – Matrix soundtrack

    2) Unable to download full albums (only a few individual songs)
    – Jay-Z: The Black Album
    – P.O.D.: Testify
    – Natural Born Killers soundtrack
    – Matrix Reloaded soundtrack

    3) Missing album art
    – Taking Back Sunday: Louder Now
    – Panic! At the Disco: A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out

    4) Wrong album years
    – NIN: Broken (2004)
    – NIN: Pretty Hate Machine (2005)
    – et. al.

    5) Needs more Nine Inch Nails 😉

    6) Performance issues
    – URGE search is slooooow
    – loading URGE "web pages"
    – scrolling lists (URGE and local library)

    7) Need a "Download All" option for an Artist.

    8) Where are the default auto playlists? I have to create them all myself now? Not a big issue though.

    9) I expected the List Pane to always display the Now Playing list. Instead, it is an area to build/edit lists. Confusing since I’m navigating around in the middle pane and can’t see the currently playing list.

    10) URGE window takes up too much space in middle pane.
    It would be nice to turn it off. I’d rather just use all that space for the list. It doesn’t help that it takes forever to load.

    11) Switching pages in URGE clears previous view’s content. For example:
    – I have a list of Linkin Park albums and songs on the Artist page that I searched to get.
    – I click on Charts to view that page.
    – I then decide to click back on Artist…listing has been reset (no longer just Linkin Park).

    Yes, I could have just used the back button, but…
    – I may be multiple clicks away from the Artist page. Now I have to click back multiple times.
    – WMP is a media player, not a web browser.

    12) When there is just one search result, just go to the entry. For example, searching for "red hot chili peppers" returns the list:

    1 Artist
    12 Albums
    223 Songs

    Now I have to click on "1 Artist" and then double-click on the album pile to get to a list of the artist’s albums and songs.

  2. I’ve tried to install but it wont properly convert my existing (50,000+ track) WMP10 library. Just seems to give up, and open with no library at all. Works fine on my alternate computers with ~10,000 track libraries though… grrr…. any ideas?

  3. I can’t seem to install the player. It stops when trying to install the WM runtime. If I kill the update.exe process, it then proceeds and fails.
    Can you tell me how to get this to install? Any help is appreciated.

  4. I downloaded WMP11 on Wednesday. I love it! Great combination with Urge.

    I’m new to DRM and subscription music services. Is there a primer you can direct me to? I have a few questions:

    1. The very favorable CNET review at mentions:

    "If it’s your first time using Urge, you have the option of signing up for a 14-day free trial to the service’s All Access to Go package, which regularly runs $14.99 per month. This top-level subscription includes 128Kbps streams, 192Kbps WMA downloads, and transfers to up to two compatible portable devices, such as the iRiver Clix. Alternatively, you can pay $9.99 for the All Access program, which doesn’t allow for transfers to portable devices. If a subscription isn’t your cup of tea, you can go à la carte and purchase individual tracks for 99 cents each. Purchased tracks can be authorized on up to five PCs, while subscription downloads are limited to three."

    Does the "All Access" package include the ability to copy to other PCs? If so, what prevents it from being used to copy to portable devices?

    2. As an experiment, I purchased a song for $0.99, played it, and then copied it to my laptop and to my old-ish PDA (a Dell Axim X5). It won’t play on on either device. I thought if I bought the song, it was mine to do with what I want; is that not the case? CNET’s comment about purchasing individual tracks seems to refute my thought; but I’m not sure. What’s the best way for me to proceed? I suppose I could simply burn the song to CD (I’m allowed to do that, right?) and then rip it back to WMP; in which case I should be able to copy the song to other devices and play them without a problem. Seems overly complicated.

    I couldn’t find much on the Urge site to clarify these things.

  5. Did you try syncing it to your X5? I ask because I’m interested in syncing music with my X51.

  6. I’m having no success syncing to my X5; however, I think the problem might be with the X5, as it has become very flaky with ActiveSync. My X5 has also developed the habit of frequently disconnecting during ActiveSync processes. It also has bizarre battery problems. I’m ready to replace it with an X51v, but want to be sure it will work with WMP11.

    With the X5 in its cradle, WMP11 sees the device. It lets me toggle between the Built-In Memory, the SD Card, and something else which I haven’t been able to identify yet. But when I attempt to have WMP11 ‘fill’ the X5 (i.e., the SD Card), it only seems to allow me to select songs from my library; i.e., it doesn’t seem to want to let me sync and of the songs I’ve downloaded or any Urge playlists. Once the sync process begins, I run into the problems described above.

    So at this point, the results are inconclusive, but not good. But it would appear that there isn’t a technical reason why it shouldn’t work.

  7. Dileepa, can you give more details on your system config?

  8. I’ve since learned that the Dell Axim X5 (which comes with WMP9 and is not upgradeable) is not compatible with DRM; however, the Axim X50 and X51 models (which come with WMP10) are compatible with DRM, including WMP11 and Urge. So now I’m looking for a good deal on an X51v.

  9. I love the new WMP 11, and have signed up for another month of URGE to go. The only problem is that when syncing to my Sansa e250, the sync process contunially pauses for minuites at a time. The sync transfers 2-3 songs, then stopps for 3-5 mins, then transfers the same amount of songs again. This is just getting annoying… Any ideas?

  10. WMP11 looks great. The navigation part doesn’t make me smile though. I’ve been using Media Monkey for a while and find it much more user friendly.

    Today i tried to sync with my iRiver H10 20Gb for the first time. After five attemps and five crashes I gave up (of course I know it’s beta and so on). So for the sync part I’m back to Media Monkey. All together I am not convinced and there is still a great chance that WMP ends up in the trash. And Media Monkey will rise from the ashes. Sorry Sean.

    Since I live in Norway all the Urge fun is off limits for now. Too bad.

  11. Okay, I’m in love with WMP11 and URGE. So much so, I just bought the Toshiba MES60VK (now if it only would ship already!).

    One big problem I’m having is with volume leveling. The volume of tracks downloaded from URGE is not consistent and WMP volume leveling has no effect. If I try to add the tracks by searching (which gives me the option to add volume leveling info), the URGE tracks end up with tremendous distortion.

    Help! (P.S. URGE support is still not able to give me an answer.)

  12. I like Windows Media Player 11 Beta & Urge trial.It’s very easy to use and I recommend it to everyone.

  13. I love it….I think you should all have it. It’s worth it.

  14. Media Player 11 indeed looks very nice. I am not so pleased with the navigation though. I also have been using Media Monkey for some time now and I find it much easier to use too.

    I tried to syncronize with my MP3 player (Creative), but this wouldn’t work. I tried it multiple times but no luck. So for now I will stick to Media Monkey. Maybe with the next release I’ll have better luck.