WMP11 Wallpaper Set

About a month or so ago, cool new posters for Windows Media Player 11 started showing up around Microsoft’s Redmond campus in buildings. I thought it might make a good desktop wallpaper so I’ve converted it into a number of popular screen resolutions and aspect ratios. The marketing folks gave this the go-ahead for release- hopefully you’ll enjoy. If you want additional sizes, just let me know.


Download: WMP11_Wallpaper_Set.zip (1.04MB)

6 responses to “WMP11 Wallpaper Set”

  1. Hi Sean!
    Can you please make a 1600×1200 version?
    Thanks a lot!

  2. 背景的图案挺帅,能发给我吗?不带前面的WMP应该叶很帅,谢谢

  3. Seconded, 1600×1200 please.

  4. I need a size of 1440×900 can you send me one?