Taking a Canon Digital Rebel EOS XT for a spin through Tulip Town

I’ve recently started getting more into Digital Photography and had an opportunity to go up to the Skagit Valley to shoot some “Happy Snaps” as my Aussie friends call them. This time out, it was with a Canon Digital Rebel EOS XT, an 8 Megapixel Digital SLR with a range of lenses. This is one of my favorites:

The entire set can be found here on Flickr. I’m currently debating the whole Nikon vs. Canon thing as most users do when they get into DSLR. In general, I tend to prefer Nikon DSLR cameras- they feel more sturdy and I like the button placement better. I also tend to think they have better color reproduction, but that’s subjective. Any thoughts out there?

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  1. Either way you won’t go wrong. Both are great cameras. I recently wrote up a post on tips for new digital SLR photographer. Lenses have a lot to do with it. It’s better to buy a cheaper camera and better lenses than a better camera and cheaper lenses.


  2. Bjarne B. Dollerup Avatar
    Bjarne B. Dollerup

    Historically, both companies have produced great cameras. Checking our what big name photographers or checking out the sidelines of major sports events, you will find that both companies are well represented. Both companies have comsumer cameras that are made of lighter and less durable materials as well as professional cameras build like the proverbial russian tank to withstand everything and anything you can subject a camera to, and them some…..

    Also, both companies have a broad range of both inexpensive ("good") lenses as well as high quality ("expensive") lenses.

    Having said this, I believe (and a lot of enthusiasts and reviews agree) that Canon has the upper hand on quality (both resolution, color representation as well as light sensitivity) because of their choice to pursue CMOS sensors rather than CCD’s. You should checkout web sites such as http://www.dpreview.com or http://www.robertgalbraith.com, http://www.luminious-landscape.com as well as a raft of others to dig into the discussion around Canon choice of image sensor as well as the quality of those. The rest of the conversation around choice can quickly become a very passionate and hightly opionated one.