Bliss (Desktop) on a Mac

I’ve gone to Boot Camp and now I’m getting a lot more use out of my MacBook Pro. MCE (and an unreleased player) are running like champs. I’m hearing reports of Vista running as well. Battery life still stinks compared to my sony but hey, this is a desktop replacement riight? Oh and now I have to carry a DVI–>VGA dongle for presentations because DVI is just so well supported. Overall, not bad though I don’t expect many family members will be asking if they should spend the extra $$ for a Mac next time they buy a PC, but I could be wrong.

(Bliss is the name of the XP/MCE wallpaper)

3 responses to “Bliss (Desktop) on a Mac”

  1. Personally, I’d rather have the DVI on the laptop – I can now drive my 24" widescreen from it. I’m getting 2 hrs on it in XP, which is about the same as my Thinkpad.

    And, think of it this way: For $599 (or $799 for dual core) you can get an Intel Mac Mini, throw on MCE for another $100 or so, and you have an extremely powerful MCE box for $699 – $899.

  2. I’ve got Windows Media Center running on my MBP too – it is really nice.

    Now I just wish Apple would let the irda receiver work as a Media Center remote receiver šŸ™‚

    As for battery life, I can only assume Apple haven’t got the drivers for the power management working well yet, as in Mac OSX I get twice the battery life I get when I am running Windows Media Center.


  3. Yes, you could be wrong about the last sentence. I spent an hour last night talking with a friend that is a Mac fan. He almost convinced me. As I see it now, my next notebook could be an HP, a Sony or an Apple. There is a premium price for the Mac experience, but I think it is completely justified. Now they have positioned themselves to get a significant stake of the PC business, the future of Apple looks brilliant.