Off to Japan Sunday

I’m off to Japan on Sunday. It’s my first trip to Japan and I’m really looking forward to meeting with the subsidiary, our partners, and of course taking in the culture. I’ll do my best to keep up with moblogging and posting a semi-daily journal here of our experiences.

The small bummer is that by going, I missed out on an opportunity to show our execs and leadership some of the new features we’re working on in media for upcoming Vista CTP (Customer Technology Preview) releases. Let’s just say the next CTP release will be exciting, but it’s going to get even better much faster from there. Sorry, I can’t say more than that at this time. But when we can, I’ll make sure to set up a geek dinner with some members of the teams and we’ll take your feedback. Timing is TBD šŸ˜‰

I had lunch today with one of my “mentors”. He’s very smart and we often spend the time debating company strategy instead of discussing career goals. I’m in a good place right now and enjoying learning in a role that has freed me from some of the baggage I used to have to endure. I’m a builder- I’m enjoying working with motivated v-teams that are building better products.

I sense a change in the air right now but for the good company wide. People seem to be “thawing out” – becoming less risk-adverse than I’ve seen for the past three + years- when done smartly, that’s a very good thing.

6 responses to “Off to Japan Sunday”

  1. Does ‘getting faster’ include a beta of Media Player 11??!!? A media player that doesn’t chocke constantly on 10k+ tracks would a nice step into the future…!

  2. I’m very excited to know more about CTP….waiting for your next blog.

  3. Hi there. I just have a suggestion/request that I hope you can pass along. I don’t know if the upcoming Windows Vista already has this feature, hopefully it does, but if not please take this comment into serious consideration.
    You need an OS calendar that resembles a more realistic calendar . That is, with all the important holidays, events, celebrations, etc. It’s unfortunate that with all the stuff an OS can do I still need to look at the cheap calendar hanging on my wall to be informed of any important upcoming events.
    You should have all holidays/events specific to that country available in the calendar with the ability to update via internet for new holidays that are created. It’d also be nice to be able to view more than one country’s holidays on the same calendar. For example, someone is from Japan but living in America and would like to see all holidays for both countries on the same calendar. I was always puzzled as to why Windows XP didn’t have this feature. I’m sure you can come up with more features as you go along. This is just the bare essentials needed. But from looking at a screenshot of the calendar for the new Windows Vista it doesn’t seem like you have these features implemented anywhere. If you don’t include these features in the forthcoming Windows Vista, Lord have mercy on your souls!

  4. Hi Sean, hope your trip was most enjoyable. I didn’t know where to go with this question so I picked you out of the lineup hoping you can either answer me directly or point me in the correct direction.

    Here is my quandary:
    I’ve been a loyal worshiper at the church of St. Gates for many years and have been amply rewarded with mounds of grace and blessings in my life with the church and it’s various sacraments. Years ago I resisted the windows gui as I was a true DOS man, I could use edlin in my sleep šŸ˜‰ and believed that anyone that choose windows was not intelligent enough to own a computer, long live MS Dos. Well then I received a laptop that had win 3.1 on it and I smirked , 6 weeks later I fired it up and started playing, Long story short… I was baptized into the St Gates Church or "what’s happening now".

    Thats the background so to speak……

    I stayed with windows and gleefully paid my tithes to St. Bill for all the products and operating systems I’ve obtained. My last blessing from the church was Windows ME.

    Then came XP and I discovered after paying my tithes, that SATAN had taken over, and while the new XP was slick and offered many improvements, it was designed not to bless but rather in some cases to punish……………

    Oh woe is me………St.Bill, why hast thou forsaken me????

    XP forced me to buy a new 11 x 17 printer because XP was/is not backwards compatible. And in addition some 3rd party software that ran on ME would not run on XP without causing some kind of problems with XP.

    For the love of jesus christ I had to spend an additional $400 and change for a printer so I could continue doing my layouts for the various newspapers/news letters all of which I do pro bono as they are nonprofit groups.

    So now that we are entering the thousand year reign of St Gates the question that this enquiring mind wants to ask is this:

    Will vista be totally backward compatible to the standards of ME or do I have to leave the church before Satan bends me over the barrel once again, and find a new expression of faith?

    To quote j c " I don’t mind being crucified, but they could at least kiss me or take me to dinner"!

    Warmest regards

    Your Brother in the Church of St Gates

    Glen Goergen

  5. Hi Sean,

    Is there a chance to be include into a Vista Beta testing ? Actually Iā€™m working on Beta office 2007 and will be very useful if i can test both new desktop products

    Thanks a lot

    Cesare Balena

    MS Beta id 641313
    MS Connect id 1208351