3GSM: New Phones, MS says Hello Moto

Here’s a short video clip of Steve Ballmer and Suzan DelBene showing off a bunch of new phones announced at the keynote

  • HP 6900
  • Samsung i320
  • Asustech’s P305 3G Smartphone
  • HTC “Star Trek”

Interesting to note there are now over 100 Windows Mobile devices on the market. Suzan described these phones as having “direct push technology”. This is exciting stuff- I have a phone with this enabled and I have to say, getting emails on my mobile phone as they arrive in my inbox on my Exchange server is pretty nifty. While not earth-shattering (the device could poll every few minutes before if you wanted) for customers who need near-real-time access to mail, this is a good thing.

What’s even more exciting though for digital media enthusiasts is that Motorola has announced support for Windows Media and PlaysforSure on upcoming mobile music phones with WMA and WMA Pro support. Also included is support for MTP which will allow for a single USB-plug connection to Windows PCs and no need for additional drivers. Benefits of this solution over a certain iMusic product I would expect: I won’t be limited to 100 songs per device, I can use my own music collection, pay-per-download, or music subscription services such as the upcoming service from MTV/VH1/CMT, “Urge” (or Napster or Yahoo etc.) What’s more, Microsoft and Motorola are working together so that WMA Pro super-high fidelity music can be easily delivered over 3G high-speed wireless networks worldwide. More details in the announcement here. Michael Gartenberg also weighs in on the announcement and it’s impact here.

With this announcement, Microsoft is actively working with two of the largest handset manufacturers in the world – Motorola and Nokia on mobile media solutions for their platform as well as ours.

3 responses to “3GSM: New Phones, MS says Hello Moto”

  1. Not to be rude but it is the HP 6900. Not HP 9600.

  2. I think the over 100 number is a little bloated. Microsoft is counting many of the phones twice that are just branded by different carriers. For instance they count the HTC Wizard multiple times because its labeled as qtek 9100, imate kjam, Cingular 8125, etc…

    This should be recalculated to give an accurate number

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