Tips for Japan?

I’m off to Japan this weekend for business. My Slingbox is ready to roll, but I’m really looking forward to taking in the local culture. Any suggestions, tips, or pointers are appreciated. 🙂

4 responses to “Tips for Japan?”

  1. Do some spying on Sony’s PS3 while you are there :o). And ofcourse, enjoy some good sushi !!

  2. Hope you enjoy it here! Important note is that your cellphone will have to be swapped for a local one! Akihabara is the only place to go to check out electronic toys!

    See if you can try Fugu (blowfish), taste wise its average, but everyone will be so impressed you ate it!

    So many things to consider, basically just relax and kick back for it being really really different and go with the flow!

    david, tokyo.