Quirky little IE7 video to share

Call it an ad or what you will, it’s a bit european and quirky. Check out the video the IE7 team put together as a teaser/commercial.

IE7_Big.wmv (7.8MB)
IE7_Medium.wmv (2.9MB)
IE7_Small.wmv (1MB)

7 Comments on “Quirky little IE7 video to share”

  1. Sean, where’d you get it from? Are you absolutely sure this was made for IE7, and not just another commercial with a tacked-on logo (its happened before)?

    Very cute, weird, and funny. I approve 🙂

  2. Does everyday tasks include navigating from one page to next?

    It is awfully common task to scroll a page to find the tiny Next / Prev p1,p2,p3,p4… links found in practically every web forum and other sites where paging is used.

    If that is not a common task that should be possible to associate with one or two constant actions such as pressing a mouse button or back/forward in the keyboard, then what is?

    Currently I have this function with a link containing few lines of js but it’s not possible to easily bind to a mouse tilt wheel or keyboard forward/backward buttons since the Properties/Shortcut Key does not recognize such buttons.

    Additional thoughts of why is this so bad without such feature and responses here: