NBC Universal to offer IPTV movies and programming

News.com is reporting this morning that Aeon Digital, a privately held firm specializing in IPTV-over the Internet has confirmed a licensing agreement with NBC Universal. The service will be made available via a $299 DVR available at retail and will use Microsoft’s Windows Media technology for delivery.

Upon further inspection, Aeon Digital has ambitious plans for their products. Two integrated LCD-TV and two set-top box products. Features of the DV-220 STB-include:

  • IPTV Support
  • 200 hour DVR with ability to archive to your PC. No mention of CableCard support though 🙁
  • Streamed playback of music, photos, and video from your PC
  • Component, composite and S-Video outputs
  • Built-in 802.11g WiFi router with VOIP support,uPnP, NAT firewall
  • Built-in EPG (Program Guide)

Movies such as “Ray” and the “The Motorcycle Diaries” will be made available as well as what looks like some tier-2 television programming. No details were provided on pricing.

This is a good step in the right direction. For now, this looks to be a contender for stand-alone TiVo Series 2 competition at retail but for the serious enthusiast, without HDTV and CableCard support, it leaves me a bit wanting. But it does signal an interesting trend- the logjam of IP-accessible content from big-name providers appears to be straining thanks to a lessening of fear (and interest in making more money) via these types of solutions by the content providers.

3 responses to “NBC Universal to offer IPTV movies and programming”

  1. Can u please elaborate on what u defined as tier 2 television? Does it mean an integration of the pc with the tv?