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I have to say, I love my Samsung DLP TV for everything but gaming. Brightness could be a little better too but hey, it’s HD!

Now, new HD TV’s are on their way that bring the clarity of CRT, the flat-ness of Plasma, and power savings reportedly all into one technology called SED – complete with ink-jet like printability. Canon and Toshiba are working to bring this to production right now. If they can get the prices down, this could be disruptive technology.


2 thoughts on “Add SED to the DLPPlasmaLCDCRTLCoS soup

  1. Lance says:

    Did you check out the Toshiba SED display at CES last month? I’d be curious how the specs line up with the large OLED displays Samsung is working on. Both technologies seem to have definite advantages over what’s currently out but your Samsung is a pretty sweet DLP.


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