Of reorgs and rumors

There’s been a bit of speculation over the past few weeks about what Microsoft’s recent reorgs both company-wide and within Robbie Bach’s org mean to the company’s entertainment efforts. While I certainly don’t speak officially for anyone other than myself, I did want to share my perspective:

Reorgs happen at Microsoft. They happen more often across the company than gets reported (or speculated upon). Reorgs in my experience bring more focus.

So what does this mean for me in particular? Not much really. I’m as strongly committed to my job and my partners as ever. More and more devices are supporting our technologies and PlaysforSure and they’re getting better (look at my prior CES scorecard post). Partnerships like those with MTV with Urge and Verizon Wireless’s V-Cast are the result of significant investments on both sides. What matters isn’t speculation, but proof.

One response to “Of reorgs and rumors”

  1. Very interesting timing of your comments considering this article in TechWeb. Sim Wong Hoo at Creative and other Plays for Sure partners can’t be real excited but I think the consensus is Sim has already lost his "war" against Apple. I’ll be first in line to buy an "X-pod" if it’s done right. The Zen Vision:M is already fairly close to the mark.