Sonos to deliver $350 unit – ZP80

Some of you may have seen my earlier thoughts on the Sonos Digital Music Player system. Today, Sonos addresses two of my big complaints with their ZP80 unit – Price and Audio Connectors.

The ZP80 ditches the built-in amplifier, allowing you to easily connect the device to your existing amplifier, home theater or the like using a optical or coaxial SP/DIF connector. The casing for the unit has also been updated.

Unfortunately still no support for Windows Media PlaysforSure Music Services or iTMS, but it will play non-DRMd WMA and a host of other formats. Both are specifically called out as “not able to be supported”. You can still connect an external source such as a PfS or iPod device and stream it around the house.

Still, this is a great step in the right direction of affordability and connectivity. Availability is slated for this Spring.

One response to “Sonos to deliver $350 unit – ZP80”

  1. Thanks for giving such information. I’m planning to purchase one.