Frivolous Fun: Marshmallow Shooter

200.jpgA friend of mine is a buyer for She found this fun little toy that’s great in hot chocolate weather or around the campfire in Summer. She even got it on Leno, Conan, and Letterman – the Marshmallow Shooter.

She brought a prototype to a neighborhood dinner a few months ago and it was crazed. The adults were having a little too much fun with it shooting about 30 feet across the house.

Sure, you could build one of these yourself, but I doubt you’d get the same quality. It shoots rapid-fire mini-marshmallows or foam pellets. At work people like to get fun and funny things to break the stress. The best part is getting to eat the ammunition when the fun is over.

I have to get a few of these… too bad I forgot about it for Christmas- there’s always next year though.

4 responses to “Frivolous Fun: Marshmallow Shooter”

  1. Sean you’ll put your eye out!

  2. Charleton Heston was right: Guns don’t kill people; marshmallows do.

  3. I liked its color. I wanna get one like this and check it out, just for fun. Anyways, Happy New Year to all here.

  4. I know yoou like this one better than the home-built one, but check out our design and pictures of it in use . . .
    It took less than $2 to build and less than 10 minutes to make. Also, since it works like legos you can completely modify the design and reconfigure your shooter. Either way this is MUCHO FUN!!!