WMP10 Podcast Auto Playlists and HowTo back online

Doppler MobileBack by popular demand, I’ve fixed the links for the Podcasting Auto Playlists for WMP download and updated the HowTo article slightly. I should also note that this solution also works great with Xbox 360 using the Windows Media Connect option for streaming playlists and music from any Windows XP PC ;).

Link to How To: AutoSync Podcasts in WMP10
Download: MP10_Podcast_AutoPlaylists.zip (.97 KB)
Download: MP10_Podcast_AutoPlaylists.exe (30 KB)

Also of note is Doppler’s new Beta 2 of DopplerMobile (pictured right) – a great podcasting and RSS feed client for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. It’s a shame that it requires .Net Compact Framework which takes up 2MB on my phone, a key reason I’m not running it full-time yet until I figure out how to free up more space on my SP5m.

DopplerMobile runs on devices with Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003, and Windows Mobile 5.0 (both Pocket PCs and Smartphones). A nice touch is the ability to sync your feeds with your NewsGator Online account. Learn more here. More to come on this one I expect. Enjoy.