MSN offers free exclusive webcast from Times Square

As reported by BetaNews, “For the second year, MSN Video will provide exclusive non-stop streaming coverage of the New Year’s Eve festivities in New York City, Microsoft announced Thursday. The coverage will last for six hours, and include views of performances and celebrations around New York City [including Hard Rock Cafe’s Underground Garage Live performances].”

I need to confirm, but I believe this will be available in MSN Today in Windows Media Center as well for you 10-footer’s out there. 🙂

The coverage will begin at 7 p.m. Eastern time on December 31. Users can view the video, as well as highlights of last year’s broadcast through New Year’s Eve, on the event’s Web site on MSN.

One response to “MSN offers free exclusive webcast from Times Square”

  1. That was awesome. I spend my whole time watching it that day.