Update on Windows Sidebar and my New Year's resolution

Catching up on news after the holidays. My friend Shawn Morrissey who is a Program Manager on the project, writes with a quick update on Windows Vista Sidebar, named by BetaNews as, “Vista’s most prominent new feature”.

Some of you have noticed my job has changed. I love Windows Sidebar and believe strongly in the platform the team is delivering. However, recently I was made, “An offer too good to refuse” to join the staff of the VP of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft. While I cannot go into specifics of my job, my title is still Senior Program Manager, I’m still writing specs, and working on exciting things I cannot discuss right now. Departing the Sidebar team was very tough, but it does afford me the opportunity to return to my main passion- digital media and entertainment.

I’ll continue to write here about Windows Sidebar, Vista, and all things Digital Media. Of course, the best place for details continues to be www.microsoftgadgets.com. But as I told a friend, I’m not going to rehash the same device reports you see elsewhere. So… if there are specific topics you’d like to see me tackle, or questions you have, please let me know.

2 responses to “Update on Windows Sidebar and my New Year's resolution”

  1. Cool news on the new job. Windows Media Player is one my favorite things you guys do. And of course you can’t beat the price!

    A couple of thoughts.

    It would be really great with whatever DRM scheme ends up in Vista if there remained the capibility to copy content over from your MCE machine to your laptop for remote viewing in WMP. Since my laptop goes with me everywhere instead of a portable device (I prefer the larger screen), it would be nice to figure out a way for it to be treated as a legitimate portable device for content that can be played through WMP.

    I’m assuming this is coming in Vista, but it would be great if there were a way that I could transfer just my 5 star rated songs from my home office PC to my laptop for listening on the road.

    One other quick question. I’ve been provided a copy of Vista through Wagg-Ed and have played around with it a bit but still find it too unstable to adequately test. Is it possible to get a beta of WMP without installing Vista? I’d love to be able to just test WMP on a more stable XP platform.

    Congrats again on the new job. Hope to see you at CES. Ian Dixon is holding a MCE party with Orb on Friday night.

  2. Thanks for such decision. Its great to read your informative blogs here.