HowTo: Score an Xbox 360 online

banner_ientry_ADM_SM.gifUpdate: Welcome and Kotaku readers. Updated below w/ tips on only getting notifications when new Xbox inventory is available. Congrats to the many that have read this and purchased your Xbox 360. Thanks to for their Xbox tracker service and for sponsoring hosting for this site.

Here’s a fool-proof way to get notified when Xbox 360’s are available for online ordering- no online auctions required. I’ve tested it personally- and I should receive my premium system in time for Christmas. There may be other tactics, but I hope it works for you. Happy Holidays!

Step One: Bookmark Bensbargains Xbox 360 Tracker
There are lots of sites that purport to track Xbox 360 shipments. Bensbargains is the best IMO. They’re tracking all the major and a number of minor sites that are carrying the Xbox 360. The site is legit and updated about every minute. Even better is their history list so you can see who got what in and map our trend patterns.

This is great if you want to check every minute. They also have convenient RSS feeds, but again this requires you to sit there and wait for an update. There’s got to be a better way- something that notifies YOU when status changes? That’s covered in step two.

Step Two: Download URLy Warning from
Get notified instantly when a Web page changes, and see exactly what’s changed. With URLy Warning, a pop-up window appears when a Web page you’re watching changes, and you’ll see a visual comparison of what’s been added and deleted. The trial allows you to track one site in demo mode.

Xbox 360_Tracker1.png

Once installed, you’ll need to launch the app and proceed to step three.

Step Three: Configure URLy Warning
I’ve tried a number of tactics, but this one works best. Click on options and set the URL to

Configure the rest of the settings you see below or read onfor customizations:

Xbox 360_Settings.png

Setting to when at least 3 words are added or deleted will notify you when items go in or out of stock. This can result in a high count, but ensures you don’t miss anything. There are other strategies here such as setting When page contains the phrase “In Stock”.

Updated Strategy: Search for changes in history only

Kevin writes, “I added a test range to only ping me on changes to the Tracker History by entering ‘History’ in the first text box and leaving the 2nd text box blank. This way, I only get notified when something is in stock and not when a timeout occurs.” Nice addition Kevin- thanks for the tip! Screenie below.


You can set the app to give you a popup, a chime sound, or even send email to you or a paging device. I used the popup and chime. If you use the settings I did above, you’ll see when words change. If the number is in the hundreds, that means multiple deals are popping up or selling out since your last check.

Just hit reset between checks. Plan on checking multiple times as some bundles are ridiculously priced- I played the waiting game and won.

Step Four: Get up early, check early and often
I’ve noticed a trend from the east coast- many stores first update their inventory between 5 and 8 am Central time. I’ve seen and let go a number of high priced bundles, before getting a reasonable (MSRP) deal at Circuit City.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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  1. better yet-

    subscribe to Ben’s RSS feed using a free RSS reader – such as google’s.

    get notified only when items are in stock.

  2. Ben’s RSS feed is great, but it requires you keep a window up and actively watch. The audio chime on update of the URLy warning allowed me to multitask more effectively.

  3. Got mine today from
    thank the lord
    finally a good christmas.

    love the podcast/blogcast

  4. Just ordered mine on, should be here for christmas. Thanks alot.

  5. Excellent Information. Thank you for the great tips.

  6. Umm…what is the "visual comparison" you speak of? Nothing happens when I click on the number signifying the changes and the Bensbargains URL does not seem any different in status

  7. Interesting post, I may have to give this a try. Sounds like a good alternative to hunting down an Xbox 360 on Ebay.

  8. I think its brilliant. I got this late but its very useful tip for me.

  9. Paul- you should see the updated text struck out and possibly highlighted on the page. normally this is at the top or the bottom. Hope that helps- Sean

  10. We’ve had the same "SOLD OUT as soon as preordering was offered" problem in the UK pre-Xmas

    This site helped me get mine last week:

    They’re constantly linking to the best place to order for the fastest delivery in the UK & Europe

    Have had none of the reported problems (overheating, etc.) – maybe negative hype by rival company (let you work out who that might be…) & console really is flipping excellent & the games are astounding (blown away by Ghost Recon 3 is at the moment!)

    Let’s hope this ISN’T a dress rehearsal for the PlayStation 3 launch & Sony get more than enough PS3 units ready

    Wonder what the next-next generation will be like around 2010…?