Sirius S50 is shipping and upcoming thoughts

According to Crutchfield, my Sirius S50 is shipping as of Monday :). That’s a good sign- I’ll post my thoughts on it as soon as I have it. OrbitCast points to changes that were made to the functionality of the device :(. If you want one for yourself, your local Best Buy may have them in-stock. It still looks great in the photo shots- we’ll see soon enough.

Speaking of which, I’m the proud new owner of the iMate SP5m – successor to the Scoblephone, complete with EDGE, WiFi, and a stunning QVGA display. After a week with the device, I’ll post my thoughts (short version- T9 keys are WAY too small, screen is amazing, IE and WMP for Mobiles are ready for a refresh). Also I’ll post my 2-week road test of a new Sony VGN-TX670P Mini-Notebook with built-in Cingular EDGE on our cross-country test from Seattle to NJ to NYC and beyond. Until then, happy belated Turkey day for our friends in the states.

One response to “Sirius S50 is shipping and upcoming thoughts”

  1. Great work mate. This is really inovation at its best.