Sirius S50 is shipping and upcoming thoughts

According to Crutchfield, my Sirius S50 is shipping as of Monday :). That’s a good sign- I’ll post my thoughts on it as soon as I have it. OrbitCast points to changes that were made to the functionality of the device :(. If you want one for yourself, your local Best Buy may have them in-stock. It still looks great in the photo shots- we’ll see soon enough.

Speaking of which, I’m the proud new owner of the iMate SP5m – successor to the Scoblephone, complete with EDGE, WiFi, and a stunning QVGA display. After a week with the device, I’ll post my thoughts (short version- T9 keys are WAY too small, screen is amazing, IE and WMP for Mobiles are ready for a refresh). Also I’ll post my 2-week road test of a new Sony VGN-TX670P Mini-Notebook with built-in Cingular EDGE on our cross-country test from Seattle to NJ to NYC and beyond. Until then, happy belated Turkey day for our friends in the states.

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