Virtual Earth Media Center Add-In

Virtual Earth.pngThomas Hawk points us to Sean McLeod’s very interesting Virtual Earth add-in for Media Center, complete with source code and how-to article.

While I also haven’t geotagged my images (any suggestions on software appreciated), this seems like a worthwhile thing to do for the future. I used to have friends whose parents would put thumb-tacks in a world map in the basement to show all the places they’ve been- it’s the same concept, only much cooler.

One response to “Virtual Earth Media Center Add-In”

  1. Check out Omar Shahine’s blog post on geo-tagging your images,guid,0953c64c-2355-4397-92e1-ff30e39a8d8a.aspx
    Thanks for this post. I wonder if it’ll be updated to I guess with the source it should be easy to do.