Rumor: Sirius S50 sold out, delayed due to RIAA

According to the GetSiriusInfo blog:

Some anonymous online sources are quoted saying the S50 had been delayed possibly due to an action by the RIAA. I have been on the phone with Circuit City and Crutchfield this evening and they feel completely confident that the rumor has no merit. Crutchfields for instance, “a shipment is due on or around the 25th” and that shipment is SOLD OUT to preorders, they are now accepting orders for future shipments. Confirmed as well -will be SOLD OUT immediately from preorders! (CC could not comment on your local CC store) The S50 is the MUST HAVE gift this holiday season…I strongly suggest you pre-order as soon as possible if you want one…

The new date we are hearing is Nov 17th

I ordered my S50 yesterday from Crutchfield without issue. This could be overly hyped but while we’re on the hype wagon, here’s my prediction: Howard Stern will be at CES this year in the Sirius Booth.

Here’s my reasoning: Stern is the single-largest driving force behind satellite radio and he believes in the product. He’s being paid hundreds of millions to make the jump, and he’s very clear that he’s going on Letterman, the Today Show and others just to promote his move to Sirius. XM and Sirius have a long history of bringing out (mostly B-level) celebs at CES. Despite what some may think of Stern, he is has a 100M listenership and would be a major draw for Sirius at the event if Stern was there. Not to mention that Stern goes on the air on Sirius the Monday after CES ends.

FYI- you can trial Sirius for free via WMA streams on their site at if you’re curious what it’s all about. (Windows Media Player required)