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A few of us were talking about doing a Digital Media/MCE Geek Dinner sometime this December- we’ll have some of the latest Gadgets to show (I’ll bring my S50 and a few mobile phones). A good time to see the latest Gadgets and chat with

So with that- Who is up for a December 8th Digital Media Geek Dinner- Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, WA? Please RSVP here so I can get an accurate count. All are welcome.

Ed Update: Unfortunately due to other recent commitments, I/we won’t be able to host this on the 8th. The good news is that Peter Rojas and the Engadget crew are hosting a get-together in Seattle tonight so we’re combining:

Tomorrow (Thursday), December 8th, 2005
7pm – 9pm

925 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122

Sorry about the late notice.

11 thoughts on “Seattle Digital Media Geek Dinner?

  1. You can count me in! I’d love to attend!

  2. Tom Foley says:

    You can count me in!

  3. Seth Varty says:

    Cool, I’m in.

  4. Ryan Gregg says:

    I’m in! When is the actual date?

  5. I’d love to attend and get re-connected with other tech-folk after being in the wasteland that is now Vancouver, WA – consider this as my RSVP!

  6. Ryan Hurst says:

    Unless I am out of town count me in.

  7. Alex Barnett says:

    That would be fun. once there’s a date I’ll blog it too.

  8. Marc Melkonian says:

    Dude. Engadget is also having an event on the 8th in downtown Seattle.

    Can I be marked down as tentative?

    What time?

    BTW. Link to the Engadget event.

  9. Scott Kindorf says:

    Sean – any chance that another event like this can happen?

    I’d love to help put things together, if needed.


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