Fox Sports "Virtual Coach" Game On Today

FoxSports.bmpFor sports nuts in the US, 9:30 am (Pacific) Saturday morning is your first chance to check out the new Virtual Coach app from Fox Sports powered by MSN during its first live run. Virtual Coach is a simple predict-the-play game controlled by a live operator; you play in real time as you watch a live football game.

The game is Texas at Baylor. To access the app, go to the Fox Sports from Online Spotlight. The access will be through one of the selectable story boxes at the right. Note that that link will go away when the game is not on. It’s a great trialrun and I’m encouraged to see them doing this.

If you play it, please be sure to send us feedback here and I’ll forward to the team delivering. This is a big first-step toward real-world interactive TV applications. Want to see more? Watch it! Don’t have a Media Center PC? Get one!
(Ed. Note: Apologies for the grainy screenshot-working on getting a better one)

4 responses to “Fox Sports "Virtual Coach" Game On Today”

  1. Upon first try it totally locked up MCE.

  2. Ok it is working now. I’m having one major problem. I’m on a fairly small TV, 20", and the TV area is so small that any of the stats during the game are unreadable. Second the RUN/PASS area is cut off by the video at about the 2/3 mark. It is a decent concept but wasn’t ABC doing this with advanced TV a while ago?

  3. I don’t see how to place the bet before each play. Am I missing something?

  4. Sean,

    I’m not sure if you are the right person to ask this, but since you mention Fox Sports and their Online Spotlight feature, could you ask them to include NHL scores in the Fox Sports "Scores" area of Online Spotlight? They have NFL, MLB, NBA, and college football, but no hockey. They carry the scores on their site, so they have access to the data. Or maybe it’s just my setup that doesn’t get them? Thanks.