Get DVD Album Art off DVDs for MCE

Matt has a post here regarding the CRC64/DVDID that Windows Media Center uses to populate DVD cover art in the My DVD feature, as well as a link to a utility to grab this detail manually. Interesting stuff.

Note: Fixed the link. Something about Firefox on OSX causing problems (yes, I use everything :)).

4 responses to “Get DVD Album Art off DVDs for MCE”

  1. Uhh… where?

  2. Is Matt’s post the correct URL? Seems to keep coming up with the same DVDID# regardless of what DVD name you enter.

  3. It’s funny, I read your blog via NetNewsWire and open the links via Firefox on OSX. And yes, I’m a digital media addict and an unabashed fan of MCE2005. Glad to see I’m not the only guy with his feet in multiple ponds!

  4. Hello, trying to find the link, no URL listed. Am I too late, my MCE doesn’t seem to find any Art