Sony's new Media Center w/ Changer

A quick jaunt over to and you’ll find the flagship Sony Vaio VGX-XL1 Digital Living System. Sporting a 200 disc DVD changer and Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 w/ Rollup 2, this sleek looking system is a flagship of home entertainment integration, showcasing exactly why the My DVDs feature was added in Rollup 2.

That’s the good part- here somes the less stellar: The system ships with only 512MB RAM and 64MB of on-board video memory in a GeForce 6200. Fine for 80% of customers, if you’re buying a $2300 home entertainment addition, you should at least get 1GB and 128MB of memory, respectively. A 50% off offer on a paired receiver with WMA Pro 7.1 audio support would be another nice addition or even cross-marketing with a Digital Walkman. But alas, these are separate organizations under the Sony flag so I guess that’s a non-starter.

Back on the plus-side, the thing supports just about every DVD burning format including dual-layer (no HD DVD or Blu-Ray support… expect Blu-ray only in an update in the future is my guess). If you’re rich and have the moxy, this is a good system for you. Given the specs, it should serve you into the Windows Vista timeframe as well.

4 responses to “Sony's new Media Center w/ Changer”

  1. Great Style – Way way underspecified but hey haven’t we all got MCE computers anyway …

    The real question is can we get hold of the 200 disc DVD changer seperately and how much does it cost?

  2. Unfortunately you can only get the DVD changer via the system, however Niveus has a changer that’s available 🙂

  3. Sean,

    Have you considered blogging how the media center concept fits within a home computing environment? I’m currently purchasing making a purchase, but am concerned with competing technologies, and evolving techniques for managing digitial media (in the home environment)…out-dated.

    I’m specifically looking for a pc solution that will allow me and my family to utilize the Internet simulataneously from different areas within my home — and also, manage my music and movies. Is there a solution, outside the media center concept that would work? I’m guessing I need to jury rig multiple technologies to achieve this…



    PS> Great blog

  4. Too bad Sony/BMG has no respect for security in Microsoft’s products.