Windows Vista PC Design Competition Entries Close

In a former life, a few of us had an idea to engage the design and enthusiast community in a competition about future Windows PC design. The results have been phenomenal, the number of entries over double the expectation.

The Competition Updates Blog notes that the competition has ended:

On Oct 27th, 2005, a group of internationally renowned designers will meet at Microsoft to review the entries and select the winner of the Judges’ Award.

Beginning November 1st, there will be a whole new look to this site. From November 1st through December 16th, 2005, you will be able to view all the entries from the competition and vote for your favorite. The winners of the 3 categories: Judge’s Award, Chairman’s Award and Public’s Choice Award will be announced at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas in early January, 2006.

I personally can’t wait to see the designs. I’m really excited that the community at-large is getting an opportunity to weigh in on this. I’m sure there will be some wild designs to consider. For more on the judging panel, click here. Heavyweights from Bose, Nike, and even Ziba (the outfit that designed that ultra-cool Sirius S50 mentioned earlier).