Windows Media Player 11 Official Vista Screenshot

Okay, I don’t work officially on Windows Media Player 11, but some friends let me know about a new screenshot showing how it’s shaping up in Windows Vista. The form and function of the Player is still evolving so I’ve been asked not to comment on any of the features you see here. But as you will be able to easily discern for yourself, the media library is getting a nice facelift.

Full-size screenshot available for download here:

Again, this is actual work-in progress and shows the latest thinking.

It’s really great to see the team opening up like this and sharing more proactively. Feel free to post your feedback here and I’ll pass it along to the rest of the team. I for one am excited at the direction they’re taking.

Update: This screenshot was first posted to The Hive, a surprisingly hip Microsoft community for insiders. Be sure to check it out for yourself at

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  1. Looks good – clean, simple, uncluttered. The transition from the transparent border to the solid white in the middle is a little harsh.

    And I’d give it all up if you could just make Media Player faster… I don’t use WMP now because it takes too long to start playing a song from the time I double-click an MP3.

  2. It’s a good clean appearance.

    But I hope that they will be tackling the RSS integration and provide full support for podcasting. In particular, it should store show notes for podcasts and synchronize listened status with the portable player so that the podcasts that have been listen to can be automatically shuffled off and deleted.

  3. I like the look. I agree completely that RSS integration and full podcast support would be very nice.

    An Itunes style autofill for loading digital audio players would be very useful (I realize there is the capability in WMP10 now but it’s not easy to use).

    A big frustration I have with WMP10 is the inability to sort columns on playlists (it appears to only work on the all music category).

  4. Definitely looks cleaner. Not sure if it will make me switch from winamp, but I like the direction it’s going.

  5. Piethein Strengholt Avatar
    Piethein Strengholt

    This one looks different from the ctp2. Is this a newer version?

  6. This is definitely a newer version intended to show you latest thinking of what it might look like at final.

  7. Looks fantastic! One word to describe it would definitely be "clean". A few comments:

    1. Love the breadcrumb bar.
    2. The ratings stars look a bit off compared to everything else. I think it’s time they got updated to look more crisp.
    3. See where it says ‘Speed of Sound’ in the bottom left corner? One thing I hate in WMP10 is having to wait for that to cycle through to see the Artist or Bitrate. Hope this isn’t headed in the same direction.
    4. That album view is great. So I’m guessing if you have another Coldplay album, the album art and everything will show up below it in another cluster? Nice!

  8. Nice. I have it up on 5231 on my tablet but haven’t had a lot of time to actually play with it yet. I definitely like the cleaner UI.

    My real concern is when the iPod will be a supported device, so I can finally get rid of my hobbled together collection of iTunes/Ephpod/iPodAgent in addition to WMP 🙂

  9. Is this an actual working Media Player or just a Photoshop mockup? In either case, this is sexy.

  10. OH, I am drooling over it already… cant wait for it to be out…

  11. I really like the direction that this is going, and personally I cannot wait to see how the system wide RSS initiative pans out with respect to WMP. Of WMP10 I have the following concerns which I hope will be addressed.

    1) Saner integration with portable MP3 players, including generic mass storage device type players. Maybe even native iPod support (ha, now im dreaming!)
    2) Podcasting as a first class citizen, so it can work with 1.
    3) (Maybe this is a system wide solution) Clean up the mess of settings to configure where the video surface plays when launched fullscreen and you have a graphics card with video out.
    4) Better visualisations – Compared with winamp milkdrop, the WMP viz are lame
    5) Think very hard about the Sync integration. If windows sync center now exists, this better be linked with WMP, and linked in a nice way!
    6) If I ever see that god damn miniplayer mode I will scream!!
    7) The taskbar minimized controller toolbar skin should match the system skin. I.e. when you minimize WMP now, it adopts the blue scheme ragardless of the system skin.

  12. Really cool. Like the album art.

  13. Wow, this new version of iTunes 11 looks great!

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  16. This really only shows Skin level ideas. It may be uncluttered but it doesn’t demonstrate any deeper changes or fixes.

    1. Still shows terminology confusion e.g. Artist vs Contributing Artist ( explained here:
    2. What happens to Album Artist & Composer? Will there ever be proper support for Composer field so that Classical/Jazz/Soundtrack fans get some coverage?

  17. I’m not in favour of the big arrows in the top left UNLESS they work as complete View Fwd/Backward like in IE/shell. If they are just for changing visualizations as in WMP10 then it’s overloading the shell UI for Fwd/Back.

  18. When or where can you download windows media player 11?

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  22. Does look good but you should see office 2007 on vista:)

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  27. Prehaps you’d like a screenshot from the latest build?

    Try here:

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  29. hello
    im currently using the leaked version (not a beta)

    let me say its great for mp3s wavs etc as long as theres no video involved. (runs alot faster now at opening the program from start to end)
    when a video does play though it seems to kill resourves alot more then the previous v10 or palyers such as VLC

  30. saulo tapia gomez Avatar
    saulo tapia gomez

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  32. It looks really nice and the functionality of it has improved 100%

    a few points of feedback if you may..
    first, allow album art to be saved globally within the file so that when moving Pc or using a different player the art is still present
    presently it save a folder.jpg in the residing file folder, this is ok but if you have lots of songs in the same folder from different albums the image changes depending on what song is playing)
    secondly i have noticed that with connected devices when you make playlists, it will copy the songs but if the same song is on more than 1 playlist it is ommited from any playlist the follow,
    (i like to have the same songs on more than one playlist somtimes, and its good that wmp doesnt copy the song itself more than once, but i feel it should still be referenced from more than 1 playlist if i want)

    from what i see so far, i like the direction wmp is going. 🙂

  33. Not impressed.
    Difficulties with new music downloads with licenses.
    Need to make it easier to find radio.
    Do like the drag and drop for easy burning.
    Still needs bugs worked out.

  34. Looks like Microsoft has releases the beta (pre release) version of windows media player. They have a tie in with URGE (mtv). Curious.

  35. This is far from constructive, but this version made me uninstall media player. I’m not being a radical pro itunes hippy here either, I used media player 10 quite happily, but if this is where MS is taking media player, well, forget it! Might as well use iTunes- which is far cleaner to look at too.

    I’ve used MP 11 for a couple of weeks, and find it frustrating to use compared with the previous version, there is very little in the way of useful improvements, it’s like it was developed by committee.

    After the great job on version 10 over version 9, I was expecting more, I’m disappointed with this version and won’t use it.

    PS: it also has the UGLIEST taskbar toolbar!

  36. Overall WM11 is a big improvement from WM10. The incorporation of an itunesque look an feel, applied to music and movies alike, makes the media on my computer much more accessible.

    There are a few things I find a little annoying, and a few little features that I would like to have.

    1. When I open my music library, and click play, I expect it to just start playing. That’s the whole point of shuffle. I don’t want to have to choose a song first. Moreover, when it shuffles to another song, the player should scroll to the song it’s playing i.e., I have no clue which song it’s playing sometimes and there’s no way I’m going to look through my entire library to find it. Some of my songs are in chinese and there is no way to just search for it.

    2. The minimized player on the taskbar is neat and simple, but there should be an option to turn off that mini tv screen that pops up every time my mouse hovers over the player, and there should be more options accesible to you even when its minimized. For example, I should be able to rate a song while it’s playing in the miniplayer.

    In general, I think it’s a lot smoother, cleaner, and better but in order to compete with iTunes for example WM11 should have everything plus more. For this type of application, it’s the little things and the little features and the subtle media experiences that really count. It follows that user feedback should be really important. In fact, I feel that, at least while it’s in the beta stage, there should be user feedback built in to the player, like a feature request option, or some sort of interactive feedback system. I really want to use this player but if there are enough annoying little things then I won’t use it.

  37. On the ‘Now Playing’ Menu, the windows for lyrics is a poor design as it is not allowed to extend to a larger size. ITune is still better for displaying lyrics.

  38. while i like that wmp11 – like wmp10 – ignores a leading "the" in song titles, defects were introduced in wmp11; namely, that pressing a keyboard key:
    1) does not ignore a leading "the" (pressing "t" will find titles that start with "the")
    2) does not search on the currently-sorted column; it appears to always search titles.
    these make finding tunes in large libraries more difficult

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  41. is there any way to list the artist and song without having a section for each artist (similar to WMP10)…it takes too much unnecessary space and it’s longer to scroll through my songs

  42. thank you.

  43. I really enjoy WMP11 except for…..I miss not having the total number of songs in the library in the corner like in WMP10. When I am searching for files on another computer and adding them to the library. It is helpfull to see the total number of songs changing.

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  46. Feedback for WMP11 Beta team.

    Often people want to modify/correct ID3 tags whilst listing to music. mp10 allowed access to the Advanced Tag Editor by right clicking an item in the playlist. This has since been removed. ID3 tags can no longer be edited via the playlist.


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