Sirius S50 – Technolust defined

Sirius S50Okay, I’ve never bought into the Satellite radio thing… until now. Sirius partnered with world reknowned design firm, Ziba to create a one of a kind portable satellite tuner and recorder with support for MP3 and WMA all rolled into one called the Sirius S50, slated for release on 10/31 with a $359.99 SRP.

See, I’m a closet “Howard Stern” fan. Growing up in the Tri-State NY metro area, I listened to Howard in high school and was happy to rekindle the relationship when his syndicated show came to the Seattle area a few years ago. Now he’s leaving the regular airwaves and frankly, sports isn’t enough of a reason to get me to satellite. But neither is Howard- I want a device that lets me record radio and more.

Call it podcasting via satellite- the device doesn’t include a satellite receiver in it- it can compress up to 1GB (50 hours) of radio broadcasting you can listen to when, where, and how you want to. BusinessWeek called it, “Radical” in a recent study on the creation of the device.

What is? The one-two punch of my Creative Zen Micro’s audio plug crapping out after too many flights shoved into my bag, and a strong desire for CD-quality radio in my Toyota Prius (that is before the engine cuts out on the highway, but so far, so good.

If this thing supports subscription Windows Media content such as Yahoo Music Unlimited (sorry Napster– your personalization stinks in comparison), I’m set and have approval from the wife for two in-car mounts- hers and mine.

Damn, that’s a lot of product links, and I don’t even get compensation for them. Anyone wants to give me a Sirius S50 for extended eval (or any other digital media gadget) let me know :).

Finally, someone gets the memo- stop trying to copy the Cupertinos and do something unique.

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7 responses to “Sirius S50 – Technolust defined”

  1. Hey, how about Sirius on Media Center. Or better yet sell a subscription to one day late Howard Stern podcasts. Would be great to time shift it and pick and chose from his material.

  2. NOW you’re talking 🙂

  3. Did you mean satellite radio when you said satilite TV? As far as I know Serius is just radio.

  4. What’s the memory capacity of this? I couldn’t locate it on their product page. I’m no Apple fanboy but in light of new generation iPods $359 seems steep for a generic digital audio player with what is essentially Sirius podcasting.

    The RIAA is frothing at the mouth once again (do they ever stop?) about both XM and Sirius providing any sort of time shifting by recording of their content. I fear the S50 will be a short lived product.

    p.s. I really try to love Creative but after also experiencing the very well known head phone jack failure on my 1st generation full sized Zen they make it difficult.

  5. I love my MyFi (portable XM player with the reciever built in). It supports recording which is great, but you can’t delete individual songs (it’ll recognize where the song begins and ends, but you have to clear all your recorded music or just let it copy over it. It supports about 5 hours of recorded music which isn’t great and the XM service isn’t as good as Sirius. But for the gadget guy, MyFi still is the best option for sat radio imo.

  6. I’m so glad to know about this. I’m looking forward to some more information on this.

  7. The S50 rocks. Easy setup, but it looks like navigation menu-wise will just take some time to learn it. I got a Starmate last week, waiting for my S50 (I didn’t want to miss Mr. Stern) and I figured that out, so it will go in the wifes truck.

    I just got the S50 hooked up to my computer and am in the process of downloading some tracks to play on it. When I tire of whats on the sat, I’ll play my personal selections.

    It looks and feels fragile, so if your the type to toss it on the dresser, or dump it in your purse when you remove it from its dock, you may well have some problems.

    It looks from the manual as though it has a ton of personal preferences, so that will take some time as well to setup,but I got the time. I wonder if I could set the prefs from the PC in the serius studio app., but I’m thinking thats a nogo.

    I recommend Serius, I haven’t listened to AM or FM since I put it in.