Best Media Center Setup Contest

Charlie and I were just brainstorming that sometimes, you just gotta have some fun with the community and give back a little. Last year, we started a Media Center Flickr community at

Inspired by the faceplate design competition Major Nelson from Xbox360 did last year, how about a little competition on the best Media Center setup? We’re going to have winners in different categories. The goal will be to ensure you don’t have to pour thousands into your Media Center. Prizes will be things like the Remote Keyboard for Media Center.

A couple of ground rules we’re proposing:
– Media Center 2005 UI has to be up on the screen
– Photo has to be your own- no faked photoshop pictures of Magnolia’s showroom.
– A short description of your setup and how you use media center. Annotation of your equipment is a plus.
– Any MCE posted to the Flickr group (past or present) meeting above is eligible.

Voting will likely be done by a bunch of eHome folks. Winners selected in December. We’ll see if Joe Belfiore can lend his vote as well for a Grand Prize

What do you think? What kind of categories do you think would be fair?
What kind of prizes would you like to see in the max $200 range?

This isn’t officially sanctioned, just an idea we have. What do you think? Let’s start the conversation ;

6 responses to “Best Media Center Setup Contest”

  1. Cool idea. Are MS employee’s not eligible? 🙂

  2. If I have any say, MS employees ARE eligible.

  3. Very cool idea! It will be fun to see other peoples set up! I dont think the judging should be based on the most high-end mce but how it looks like it is fitting in to your life.

    -the poor high school students .02

  4. Mitch- completely agree. Any thoughts on what the categories should be?

  5. Fantastic Idea!!! That is a great way to jump start participation in the Flickr group again. December will allow me enough time to show how I will have my 360 intergrated into my MCE network.

    Prizes could include universal remotes like Harmony products that are designed to work with MCE. Maybe wireless keyboards and mice. I know it is reaching but how bout limited edition 360 MCE Faceplate? I wonder how hard those things are to produce.