Windows Sidebar availability

A few enterprising developers have built an emulator for Windows Sidebar to run on Windows XP. I’m not going to link to it because of a few things:

  • We didn’t officially release Windows Sidebar… yet. Think around Beta 2
  • Developers who build on this platform will be disappointed b/c it is evolving
  • Gadgets will be available on XP – officially (Ed. Note: I’ve since changed teams and understand this was the POR at time of writing however is no longer the case.)

I’m super-excited to see all the enthusiasm around Windows Sidebar but I also don’t want developers to get frustrated building on the wrong platform. We have big plans in the works- when the timing is right 🙂

6 Comments on “Windows Sidebar availability”

  1. It would be very kind of you to post the link anyway and let us decide whether the emulator is good or bad by ourselves.

  2. Sean, how much of a change will there be compared to the sidebar that is floating around right now. Is it just going to be cosmetic, or will the executable, or the way the .part files are handled be re-written?


    P.S. any hint on when we might see Beta 2? I hear December!