Idea: What about a 20th Anniversary Windows Edition?

A friend and I were talking the other day about the 20th Anniversary of Windows coming up. Folks regularly buy “Collector’s Editions” of games for PC and game consoles like Xbox, but what about Windows? What if there was a 20th Anniversary Edition of Windows? What would be compelling enough that folks would want to collect it?

So what do you think- if you could add anything to a 20th Anniversary Edition of Windows, what would it be? Here are a few ideas to get it started:

  • A copy of every version of Windows sold to-date (eg. Windows 3.0, 95, 98, etc.) Maybe a Virtual PC image of each?
  • Microsoft Bob? (haha)
  • A discount/rebate on Windows Vista when it RTMs
  • Bill Gates autographed copies?
  • Access to a special community?
  • DVD decoder? (I don’t even know if this is possible)

How about packaging? maybe something like a cool lucite block to display your Discs? We got something like this as a Windows Vista Beta 1 “Ship-Gift” with slots for the upcoming beta 2 and later updates.

Post your comments here- what are the top 3 things you’d want to see in a Collector’s Edition?

8 responses to “Idea: What about a 20th Anniversary Windows Edition?”

  1. I would pay for the collection of windows versions. I have (and suppose do) own them all, however getting my hands on them would be tough. If you include versions below 95 though I suppose you will also need to include DOS 6.22. The VPC idea is the best, so include a copy of VPC. The signed gates thing would be cool, maybe random insert, 1 in 10,000 or something. A cube that contains all the discs and each side is the different variations of the logo (is there 6 logos or more?).

  2. Top three things I want to see in the Collector’s Edition.

    1. Support for native premium HDTV.
    2. Flickr plug in for Media Center
    3. A special commerative WMP edition that can handle large digital libraries.

  3. 1. A VPC Image of each version of windows and power toys – and maybe a retro theme for Windows XP
    2. Videos of Interviews with a couple of people from major releases – like the 1.0 guys (weren’t there just 3 of them or something?), the guy who worked on memory in Windows 3.0, Raymond Chen for Win95, maybe Dave Cutler for NT/Windows 2000.
    3. Discount/Rebates on either Windows Vista or some cool utlities – like WindowBlinds

  4. Top things in a collector’s edition:
    1. Less bugs
    2. Better security

  5. Lots of custom anniversary windows media player skins (created by The Skins Factory of course) and a special anniversary MCE theme that can replace the default one 😉

    MCE should be skinnable.

    Okay so i’m biased… 🙂

  6. Virtual PC images of every Windows version.

  7. For the Special Edition of Windows XP or Vista:

    1) Blue Screen of Death Poster (Hand Numbered)
    2) A CD copy of every version of Windows that can be used as a coster set.
    3) A $50.00 off Mac OS X coupon and a Linux Distribution DVD
    4) A note that reads "I owe you, one stable and secure OS – The Microsoft Windows Team"
    5) A Bill Gates Dog Chew Toy

  8. Behold, the Microsoft Windows 20th Anniversary Edition. Japan only though (I think).