Shawn talks more about being subversive

Shawn (a fellow PM in Windows Incubation) takes Mini-MSFT to task and says it’s time for the armchair quarterbacking to stop. He also calls me “the PM that can get anything done” That’s high praise coming from Shawn- I’m still learning, and you’re right, we have an amazing team.

Side note: On Monday a small group of us are filming an interview for Channel 9 with Robert Scoble talking about Windows Sidebar, Windows Gadgets for the desktop and the Web. If you have questions you’d like to see us answer, feel free to post them here. We may not get to all of them, but this is the first of what I expect will be a series of videos.

5 responses to “Shawn talks more about being subversive”

  1. Sean,
    One thing I’ve been wondering about gadgets: security. What prevents malicious or even inadvertant insecure code inside a gadget from being installed on a user’s machine? Could you talk about security surrounding gadgets? I’m learning so much from Channel 9 and the MS blogs, but there’s a lot I don’t understand.

  2. I think what Mini-Microsoft is doing is good. He is bringing up issues most corporate drones at Microsoft don’t even want to admit exist. It is getting people to recognize the issues and perhaps start some change from within. You looked at it? Many others are. And now more people are talking and maybe that will bring much needed chance to Microsoft.

  3. I’ve read Mini off and on. Talk is good, constructive criticism is better, action is best. Mini should "be the pebble". Nothing annoys me more than monday-morning quarterbacks who have never **tried** to affect change from within. I don’t get the sense that mini has done that- I could be wrong but I don’t see it.

  4. Is the look that was shown at the PDC the final UI?

    Will it support the same affects as "glass" where we can manage the "tint"?

    When will see the Sidebar return? Beta2? RC0?

    What build is it getting RI’d?

    When will information on how to make a "gadget" be made available??

    Does the Windows Media player shown at PDC work in the current leaked version of the sidebar? if so…can we get it………please



  5. Hey guys, there’s much more information on the MS blogs. Its highly informative. Just check it out!