Does the iPod Nano have a problem?

Let me start by saying I love the industrial design behind the ipod nano. I just bought one and am eagerly awaiting its arrival so I can run it through its paces. But now I’m learning that there may be significant concerns regarding the engineering and ease with which it can be damaged. The Register, MacIntouch, Apple’s Support Groups (a 291 thread discussion), and a new site called “” (formerly all report on failures, the latter of which is posting pictures of others’ broken ipod Nano’s.

I won’t pass judgement, particularly until I see it myself, but it sounds like there’s a lot of unhappy folks out there and some frustrated Apple store employees dealing with the returns. Here’s to hoping I’m not one of them when my Nano arrives next week.

4 responses to “Does the iPod Nano have a problem?”

  1. The only thing that killed our test ipod was a throw out the window @ 65mph during a Southern California fwy experiment (I do not have any proof of this event, but your welcome to try it for yourself). The nano responed after the crash for ten seconds lighting the screen (yes the screen was cracked). Yes the screen can scratch, but you have to be ruff on the little guy to do any damage. Before the had its final flight we kicked the poor devel around the office dropped it from our desk, the Nano still worked (we do not have carpet flooring, it is hard wood) This is the coolest and toughest ipod ever. I do reccomend the Invisible Sheild case (a tough thin film that helps prevent scratching) $19, I bought one it best part it keeps the Nano looking like Nano.


  2. Classic. I have high hopes. Do you have a link for the Invisible Shield case?

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