Microsoft Gadgets and Windows Sidebar notes

First, a sincere welcome to the Pro-Mac community. I’ll agree every OS has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Many a good idea has been interpreted by different groups and if you search through my posts, I think you’ll come to find I’m not going to participate in “Which came first” discussions. I’ll read your posts- the good and the bad though- they’re all appreciated as a part of the conversation provided they’re constructive (criticism or kudos). I also won’t censor you here unless you’re profane. In the end, all of your comments will help us build a better product- pros and cons.

One important note about Windows Sidebar. It’s come to my attention that someone got a very early build of Windows Sidebar, stripped it out of Windows Vista, and may or may not be distributing it. Windows Sidebar has not been officially released by Microsoft and I will not comment on it other than to say developers and end-users are strongly encouraged NOT to download and install any software that says it’s from Microsoft and not from Microsoft servers. It could be malware, a virus, or something else- you just don’t know.

As for why Windows Sidebar wasn’t made available to developers as a part of the PDC build, sometimes development schedules don’t line up exactly. Windows Sidebar will be available around Windows Vista Beta 2 to testers/developers. Trust me that you want to wait and start building for the platform at that time.

I hope that helps, I’m on vacation for a few days- in the meantime, I encourage you to submit your questions about Windows Sidebar here for inclusion in our FAQ and an upcoming interview with the team for Channel 9.

2 responses to “Microsoft Gadgets and Windows Sidebar notes”

  1. Hi Sean,

    Thank you for letting us know about the sidebar!

    Were there two versions of Windows Vista shown at the PDC because one of the screenshots with the side bar on clearly says "Windows Vista (TM) Beta 2" was this one a prerelease version of Windows Vista Beta 2 a bit like a Windows Vista Beta 1 with some features of Windows Vista Beta 2 on it?

    Darren Straight

  2. I recently ran into a strange situation – I was expecting an "access denied" but it didn’t happen (yes – security guys are strange people 😉