Media Center Roundup

“Sales of Media Center PCs have skyrocketed since July 9, according to a recent study by Current Analysis. For the week ending August 20, 2005, Media Center PCs accounted for 43% of all desktop personal computers sold in the U.S. retail market, based on data from a sampling of U.S. retailers.”

71% of the Media Centers sold in the week ending August 20 did not have a TV tuner. Maybe they’re all with Thomas Hawk waiting for Digital Cable support 😉

Charlie Owen will demonstrating XBox360 + Media Center Extender at his PDC presentation on September 15. The Meet Me At Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2005 and Win A Media Center Keyboard has more details on place and time.

Donate to Katrina via American Red Cross and win Media Center 2005

Media Center Show #25 is up. To me, Ian is the “Most Valuable Podcaster”. This is a guy who deserves MVP status- they’re working on it Ian! 🙂

Embedded Automation made a bunch of Media Center app-announcments at CEDIA (that’s the big pro AV/home installer show):

The products being showcased are part of tihe mHome product line and include a home automation software application, mControl; a media center PC solution, mTheater; a home automation controller, mServer; and a secondary display for media center PC’s, mDisplay. For mControl, Embedded Automation will be demonstrating their upcoming release, v1.2, which offers new functionality. More here.

3 responses to “Media Center Roundup”

  1. "Maybe they’re all with Thomas Hawk waiting for Digital Cable support"

    More like, they bought a PC with MCE preinstalled and don’t know or care what it does, since the retailer didn’t either and the display machine was not even setup correctly to show the true functionality of MCE, and they’ll use it just like a normal XP machine.

  2. So true… I got to a point that I couldn’t go into a retailer anymore to check out the MCE experience. Steps have been taken to address but add low-wage employees working for discounts with install teams who don’t get audited perhaps as frequently as they should and store managers who don’t understand that they’ll sell more product if they actually show it and you have a bad situation. I’ve met some pretty hostile managers in my time, but I still try and help if they’re receptive when I see a system improperly set up.

  3. its a natural crises.we must help them.