Apple iPhone and iPod Nano

By now most people have probably seen this. Just just in case, here’s a good round up from Robert Scoble on coverage of the AppleMoto iPhone and Nano:

But not everyone was wowwed by Steve Jobs. TechDirt’s Carlo Longino writes “iTunes Phone as iLame As iExpected.” Ouch.

John Markoff in the New York Times has the details, although I doubt anyone missed these announcements yesterday since they were all over the blogs.

I like the ID of the new nano. Pretty soon people are going to start complaining of papercuts from their iPods. It’s clear however that caged, unfed primates with soft drafting implements designed the moto phone. I mean come on- stereo speakers? On a mobile phone? Will it kick like my 80’s-style boom box?

iTunes 5 as a sync engine for Outlook. Hrmph. Someone please tell me what makes this iTunes worthy of a full point release?

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