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Forget political affiliations, has the right idea- offer to provide a temporary home to hurricane refugees. My wife wants to sign us up to host a family. The cynic in me says no way, the American in me said ok – to put it out there.

30,555 beds offered so far. Over 120 homes opened up in the Seattle area alone.

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  1. I too am trying to re-arrange our house to take in 1-2 people. Others I have talked with might have housing available too. We were planning to volunteer at a shelter in our town to get to know the people and that would help us find a couple or parent/child that would fit with our situation. I was thinking of an agreement to help evacuees undersatand what there getting into and also what expectations the home owners has. Ie; smoking restrictions, drug/alcohol free. Here’s a draft of what I was thinking. Thought’s?

    Best regards, Doug

    Evacuee Compassion Agreement

    We want to help our fellow American Evacuees from Hurricane Karina.

    This document is intended to outline what our fellow Americans can expect from us and what we expect from them. Clear communication upfront will help us all to be successful in this effort.

    What we have to offer:
    1. The American spirit and compassion for our fellow Americans that is so desperately needed in this time of crisis.
    2. One bedroom accommodations in our private home.
    3. We can accommodate 1-2 people comfortably. Couple or Parent/School age child.
    4. We are prepared to provide assistance for 3-6 months.
    5. We have 1 full bathroom that will be shared amongst the entire household.
    6. We are an average married couple with 2 college age children.
    7. We have common spaces including LR, DR and family room.
    8. Our home is drug and alcohol free. Smoking is permitted outside.
    9. We will treat you with respect and as a member of our family.
    10. We will provide nutritional food and a clean safe environment.
    11. We will attempt to keep you in touch with relief organizations to further your recovery efforts. This includes efforts to provide transportation to seek additional resources.
    12. We both work Monday thru Fridays from approximately 7:00a – 6:00p. Daytime assistance will be limited by our work schedules.
    13. We .will respect your privacy and any property you bring or acquire.
    14. We will help in anyway we can to assist you in returning home or finding permanent housing and work within the greater Cincinnati area.

    What expectations we have:
    1. We expect that by working together, we can play a small role in helping you to fully recover from this terrible crisis. We expect that this partnership will be blessing to all involved.
    2. We expect you to be alcohol and drug free. Use of alcohol or illegal drugs will not be permitted.
    3. We expect that you will put forth a reasonable effort to make steady progress in your recovery.
    4. We expect that you will maintain your bedroom area reasonably clean and orderly.
    5. We expect that you will help to maintain common areas of the house your will share.
    6. We expect the same honesty and respect of our privacy and property that will be shown to you.
    7. We expect that you will be trustworthy and responsible enough to be left in our home unattended. This includes the rare occasion when one or both of us is gone for work or personal business for several days.

    We the undersigned have read, understand and agree with the expectations outlined above. I will do my part to uphold the terms of this agreement. Date:_____________________

    _______________________________________ ____________________________________
    _______________________________________ ____________________________________
    Home Owners
    City, State, Zip

  2. I hope that after this time they managed to have there home and be happy because they are alive.