iTunes Phone (Moto E790) details revealed

itunes_phone.jpgYou just have to love our friends at the FCC. The FCC requires that new devices registered in the US are available for public inspection prior to certification. Such is the situation with Moto’s iTunes phone including photos, manuals, and test details. According to PhoneArena, new details gleamed include:

* Bar form factor, stereo speakers on the side
* VGA built-in camera; Video Record supported
* Trans-Flash (micro SD) card memory expansion
* Bluetooth
* iTunes support
* Music key

Apple has stated that an iTunes-compatible phone will ship this summer.

The phone appears to be based on the Motorola E398, but with the addition of the music features.

Screen images from the phone’s manual reveal familiar iTunes options:


I just have to think that this is a marketing flub-up. The fact that the FCC filings were made and no official hurrah around the phone points to continued jockeying between MotoApple and at least one carrier. I don’t have any information to substantiate, but it’s plausible. Either that or they’re not particularly wild about this first attempt. I know I was expecting more. Perhaps there are other devices waiting in the wings… but hey, it has podcasting support.